Quad Cities Sample Area Data
Take a look at the Quad Cities of Northern Illinois!  See a housing breakdown for the Moline community and all other Quad City Communities.  If you are looking to buy Moline real estate, Rock Island real estate or any other Quad City real estate, knowing housing information, vehicle information and weather information can be helpful in making your decision.  Contact a RE/MAX Northern Illinois real estate agent for further details about buying a Quad City home.  For more information about real estate outside of the Quad Cities, visit RE/MAX Northern Illinois and find your dream home today.

Housing Information

Status of homes in the area.

  In Zip  In State 
Vacant Homes 2,016 1,543,331
Owner Occupied Homes 11,004 10,044,748
Rented Homes 4,392 4,141,012

Vehicle Information

Number of vehicles per household.
  In Zip  In State 
No Vehicle 12 0
One Vehicle 38 0
Two or More Vehicles 49 0


Seasonal high and low temperatures.
January High
in ° F
January Low
in ° F
July High
in ° F
July Low
in ° F

Weather Information

Seasonal tendencies and weather patterns in the area.

  In Zip  In State 
Hurricane*** 1 17
Hail*** 115 121
Tornado*** 180 122
Precipitation 35 inches 39 inches
Earthquake*** 30 88
Air Pollution*** 81 90
January Max. Temp. 30°F 33°F
January Min. Temp. 13°F 16°F
July Max. Temp. 85°F 86°F
July Min. Temp. 68°F 65°F